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People Powered Health and Wellbeing

People Powered Health and Wellbeing: ‘Supporting Co-production in Health and Social Care’ (PPHW) is a Scottish Government funded programme managed by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland which contributes to the Scottish Government’s Quality Ambition that health and social care in Scotland should be person centred by 2020. PPHW is part of the Integration Division Portfolio.

The central aim of PPHW is that people are able to influence their own health and wellbeing and contribute to the design, delivery and improvement of support and services.

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More About PPHW

People Powered Health and Wellbeing aims to support Health and Social Care Partnerships embed co-production approaches in their work at both a frontline and strategic level. The programme is currently in a transition phase after the highly successful first phase of the programme.


everyone as equal

What is co-production?

This is one of the most common questions asked about co-production. There is no universal definition of co-production, but can largely be understood as involving people who access support and services, unpaid carers, and health and social care professionals working together in partnership to produce better services and health outcomes.



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