About the Programme

‘People Powered Health and Wellbeing: shifting the balance of power’ (PPHW) is a programme led by the ALLIANCE and is a Scottish Government funded programme which contributes to the Scottish Government’s Quality Ambition that health and social care in Scotland should be person centred by 2020. PPHW is part of the national Person-Centred Health and Care Portfolio.

The central aim of PPHW is that people are able to influence their own health and wellbeing and contribute to the design, delivery and improvement of support and services, including peer support.

What changes do we want to see?

The following statements guide the work of the programme in developing and supporting understanding of person centred care and co-production.

  • Lived experience is equal to other forms of knowledge, evidence and expertise and people are heard and listened to.
  • To improve outcomes people ( including clinicians and  other health and social care practitioners) come together in equal relationships to share and exchange knowledge, skills and experience.
  • People who use health and social care services and support can make a positive contribution to their own health and wellbeing.
  • Health and social care staff feel valued and supported in their roles.
  • Relationships between all parties are two-way and are built on a foundation of mutual respect.

It brings together the strength and expertise of third sector and national partners to develop the capability and capacity  of practitioners and organisations in co-production approaches such as:

What can we offer?

  • Work with us to understand co-production and how to put it into practice
  • PPHW can support you to find new ways to engage with people and work with communities.
  • PPHW can help you make the most of what the third sector has to offer and support you to share good practice.

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