Asset Mapping

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The Route Map to the 2020 Vision reiterates the Scottish Government’s “commitment to shift the balance of power to, and build up and on the assets of, individuals and communities”.

Assets are the resources, including the skills, knowledge and networks which people and communities have to offer.

Table laid out with pens, paper, scissors, tumblers and figurines - results of a workshop

Asset-mapping is a co-production approach which identifies, and collects and shares information about resources within communities. The aim is to assist people and communities to achieve positive change using their own resources.

Seated man writing at a table covered with paper, pens , coloured blocks and refreshments as others watch


PPHW is working in partnership with ALISS to introduce health and care teams to asset mapping.

The asset mapping briefing pack gives more information about using ALISS and asset mapping to discover, collect and share local community information.