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Co-production and ‘Keeping it Personal’

This describes the process of inclusive working within a given locality, bringing together the following people to work in equal partnership:

  • People accessing services
  • Carers/family members
  • Practitioners from health and social care- across public, private and third sectors

IRISS have provided a framework of six facilitated sessions over a 12 month period to two partnership sites, providing them with the opportunity to trial and experience new ways of working together with the following aims:

  1. Learning together – to explore similarities and differences and build common understandings of person-centred care; to develop group members’ capacity to work in a co-produced way
  2. Improving together – to deliver more person-centred care locally, using the assets of all group members to find joint and innovative solutions to meet the needs of people
  3. Sharing the learning – to support the wider workforce to develop their understanding of person-centred care and to deliver it using the approaches modelled.

You can learn more about Keeping It Personal via their blog and view a film made with participants in Keeping it Personal here. You can also download the final evaluation report here.

Group of people standing and kneeling outside the Whiteinch Centre, Glasgow

Modelling co-production

  • Valuing all participants – the ambition is to model this in all sessions, but we also reinforce this message by paying all unpaid contributors for their time (so the people who access services and unpaid carers/befrienders are paid just as professional staff are).
  • Building on the strengths/assets of all individuals in the group- moving from a deficit approach by recognising and growing peoples’ capabilities to support themselves and others.
  • Providing a framework that encourages peer support – with triangulation and exploration of different perspectives to build stronger understandings, networks and relationships that blur distinctions between professionals and non-professionals in the group.
  • Mutuality and reciprocity – with all group members encouraged to contribute and share responsibility for driving forward the work of the group by providing content, taking decisions and implementing improvements.

PPHW is working in partnership with IRISS to introduce health and care teams to co-design.